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quebec divorce without lawyers  Legal separation and divorce without lawyers
  Divorce quickly and smoothly
  With or without your ex's permission
 Faster and less stressful than using lawyers
  Money, children and property issues resolved

documents prepared for you.

legal separation on-lineYou don't want to go down this road by yourself.

Without children the modest fee to prepare your legal papers and guide you through the entire legal process is $245

There are no hidden fees or surprises. It's a tiny fraction of what lawyers would charge you for exactly the same outcome

solving problems

I just wanted to say thank you for providing a simple, affordable alternative to settling and filing divorce papers. Your instructions were very explicit and everything went without a hitch, as you said it would. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation. Susan. "I am quite impressed that somebody is willing to not only help with this divorce process with some great information but ALSO is willing to charge a nominal fee that will not destroy every asset the couple has...thank you for being a decent human being not monopolizing on this already traumatizing event." 
Lisa L.





Divorce quickly and smoothly right here!
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Step 1

Start by DOWNLOADING the questions. The questions are in Word format and your answers will help to determine if we can help you.
The question sheet is also in PDF download it here.
Your application will be personally reviewed we will get back to you usually within an hour.

Step 2

Pay the modest fee by using the double security of PayPal, or send an e-transfer using your own on-line banking.

Step 3

We'll start your divorce package with every legal form the court
requires. We prepare your personalized legal package is it is
100% ready to submit to the court.


go ahead and look after the modest payment.

Use your credit card, debit card or an e-check through the double security of PayPal
you do not require a PayPal account. Click on the logo and follow the instructions.
Please note, we do not see or collect your card information.

With dependant children the total fee is a modest $345


Without children use this button the fee is $245

Or, use your on-line banking.

To use your on-line banking you need an email address, a password to access your bank accounts online, and Colin's email address. Email carries the notification while the banks use existing payment networks to transfer the money. Remember - we do not see your card information. It is very secure, it’s important to stress that only the notification travels by email. Money is settled through existing funds transfer networks that banks have used for years to settle cheques and electronic transfers.

E-transfer Instructions:

Log on to your own on-line banking page, and look for something that says SEND MONEY. 1. My e-mail address is:
2. The amount of the transaction is a total of: $345.00 with children.
3. If you do not have children of the marriage then the amount is $245.00
4. You will be asked to create a secret question, and you will need to let me know the answer in a separate e-mail.

Once the documents are prepared and sent to you it is your responsibility to file your papers with the court and pay the court fees. We guarantee your forms to be correct for Quebec . While our office undertakes a reasonable effort to collect the right information we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information from you.

Things change, and your circumstances may change We see it all the time. Someone receives his/her documents and they don't file right away, and when they are ready to take the papers to the court their information needs to be updated. Or maybe income has changed and therefore the child support amounts need to be corrected. No problem, we'll make edits and send new documents. It's all part of the guarantee and all in a day's work.